How we hire

It takes Great People to Dream Big and Deliver. We are looking for hard-working, results-focused, ambitious people, with the vision to see beyond the obvious and the determination to turn ideas into reality. We’ll expect a lot from you!

The Kraft Heinz Company interview process is a dialogue. Designed to get to know each other.

Our interview process varies by function and level. Typically, however, you can expect the following parts:




Realistic Preview

Take the Realistic Preview Test to see if The Kraft Heinz Company fits you!


Online Application

We receive and review your application.


Online Test

You will be required to complete three online tests; a numerical, verbal and logical reasoning test. Click here to get prepared.



At Kraft Heinz EMEA we usually have four interview rounds:

a. Talent Acquisition Interview

b. Hiring Manager Interview

c. Cross-Functional Interview

d. Leadership Interview



When the outcome of every round is positive, we will provide an offer.



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