MBA Program

MBA Program

Program Start Date: Yearly in February and July

Primary Locations: UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Germany or Poland (willingness to relocate is required)

Application Periods: CLOSED (Will re-open in Sept 2018)


Leaders in this role will contribute to our future – the next chapter in our incredible legacy – our dream. You will be part of our shared journey TO BE THE BEST FOOD COMPANY, GROWING A BETTER WORLD.


Owners Only:

In our MBA program, you will join Kraft Heinz as a direct hire into a position with significant responsibility. Those who deliver results can expect to grow fast, in line with our company value of meritocracy. There are no set career paths at Kraft Heinz or a calendar of learning rotations. As a MBA you join directly into a position and are expected to deliver real results, making real decisions that accelerate your career.


Purpose and Accountabilities:

At Kraft Heinz we are looking for MBAs that bring new insights, that are innovative thinkers and are not afraid to take risks. 

If you are looking for a fast-track route to a top management position, this is it. Even on an ordinary day, you’ll be part of an extraordinary mission to help achieve our Dream - to be the best food company in a better world.

We need MBAs that exhibit laser focus while serving in manager level roles in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Product Development or People. Top performers can anticipate accelerated career opportunities within Europe or in any one of the Kraft Heinz five global zones.



  • Should apply within 1 year timeframe post completion of MBA degree
  • A completed MBA degree from a top tier school
  • Minimum GMAT score required: 690
  • A minimum of two years’ work experience 
  • Ability and willingness to relocate in Europe
  • Acts like an owner - views their career as multi-faceted, without boundaries and as a passion